Homesteading Arts Cooperative
Broad-winged Farm
Wells, Maine

To integrate modern hunter/gatherer and traditional homesteading skills into our everyday lives in order to wean ourselves off the current economic paradigm and in doing so create a community that effects change through the ideals of sustainability, stewardship, and healing.

You are welcome to join us.  We meet the second Saturday of the month from 10am-4pm at Broad-winged Farm.

If you would like to be on the HAC email list, please email us at:

2014 HAC Monthly Schedule

January 11- Annual Meeting: Broad-wing Farm (Mal Stephens)
Planning & Scheduling.

February 8- Soap Making: Broad-wing Farm
(Candi Huber)
Come make some soap and stop being so smelly.

March 8- Basket Making: Mark & Candi's home
(Mark Young)
Learn how to make a traditional Black Ash basket.

April 12- : Beef Butchering:  We've had a change of plans and will not be going over to Fred & Amy's. We've got a cow to butcher for my neighbor, and we will continue with basket making as well.

May 10- Help day at Fred & Amy's: Alfred, Maine
We will visit and help Fred, Amy, and Nyanna at their place in the woods.

June 14- Three Sisters: Heart's Content Homestead (Peter Kelleman & Rebecca Yonan)
Learn how to plant the three sisters, and get to tour a homestead in action.

July 12- Blueberries: Kennebunk Blueberry Plains 
Meet at Broad-winged Farm
Bring containers and blueberry rake if you have one.

August 9- Wildcrafting: Location to be determined (Josh Fecteau)
Depending on what's in season is what we will gather and make.

September 12,13,14- Maine Primitive Gathering: AER Lane Field 
Go to for more info.

October 11- Apples and Acorns: Broad-winged Farm (Mark & Candi, Claudia & Mal)
Bring your apples and acorns for processing.

November 8- Wild Food Thanksgiving: Broad-winged Farm (Arthur Haines)
Bring a dish made from wild harvested food to share and celebrate the bounty from nature.

December 13- Tinctures & Salves: Broad-winged Farm (Kevin Pennell)
Come learn how to make medicinals. 5$materials fee to take home what you've made.

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